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All of you who in your heart and in the voting booth believe that the government should be taking care of all our needs–tending the sick, caring for the elderly, feeding the poor, educating our children–are inviting the lion into the bed with you.  These activities which have traditionally been done by families, by churches, by small communities are being slowly overtaken by the ever expanding Federal government, while we sit back and let it, or in many cases, demand it.  The end result is going to more and more of this sort of thing.  Is that what we want?  really?

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The mother of the child who survived his abortion attempt for two days, while being left alone in an Italian hospital without care, was allowed to have a late term abortion under Italian law because pre-natal scans indicated the baby had a “disability.”  What was the disability that warranted the murder of this little boy?

A cleft palate.

Nurse and activist Jill Stanek opines that born alive infants who are left to die by hospitals, abortion doctors and abortion mill workers not only happens every day, she “would even venture to say this is a worldwide epidemic.”

Read her report here.

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