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Beautiful video with Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. reflecting on the solemnity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with the Kyrie Eleison chanted in the background.


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I have never been able to get through this song without crying.  This awesome rendition by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill is no exception.  Watch especially the reaction of the members of this audience, who are mostly from the Country music world, a part of the entertainment world where Christians are still welcomed and appreciated.  Seeing these big names being moved by this hymn is touching.  So be prepared to thrill, weep and rejoice!

How Great Thou Art 

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Aggie Catholics has posted a video that is awesome-epetus!  It’s has a trio of favorites of mine:  the fantastic musician Matt Maher at Franciscan University joined by Dr. Scott Hahn, making a guest appearance on guitar.  Of course, my readers already know that Dr. Hahn plays guitar.  Michael Barber told us.

Did I mention that it is awesome?

Click here to see the video.

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I have written about this song before, but now that the Sanctus Real album has dropped, I’m blown away by it all over again, and I am compelled to post it again.

Men?  Do you want to know what your wife needs?  Listen to this song. 

Women?  Do you know what is missing from your marriage?  How to ask for what you need?  Listen to this song.

You cannot have a solid marriage if God isn’t right in the middle of it with you.  Make prayer time together a new and fantastic habit.  Pray for each other throughout the day.  Bless your spouse.  Give thanksgiving daily for your marriage and family.  Ask God to lead you.  The most important people in your life may be secretly dying for lack of your leadership.  Ask for help.  God will strengthen you.

As I said the last time I posted Lead Me, if Sanctus Real does nothing else in their careers, they have done a great ministry just by writing and recording this song. 

Lead Me by Sanctus Real

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You can find Him when you seek Him

Well, the streak of bright sunny days that I mentioned yesterday has come to an end — eight fantastic days of hope and happiness.  The first thing I noticed when I woke up today was that the sun wasn’t pouring into the room from the east facing window.  I had gotten used to it!  Clearly, the forecasters were right, rain overnight and overcast today.  But I was surprised to find the weather still wonderful; after all, it is above seasonally warm, and we had periods of sunshine.  Besides, if there were no rainy days, we wouldn’t have life, would we? 

Our blessings are near to us, and grace fills us, even when we are unaware, or can’t see it.  A very good lesson for me, because I am not always able to see where the good is, I just have to trust God that it is there.  I am learning to trust that God is always near, even those times when it seems He must be very far away.

Here is the song that started my day on a good foot (click the link).  It popped into my head as I stepped out the door and has stayed there all day.  It’s from those four Christian brothers whose band I love – Remedy Drive.

Sunshine Above the Weather.

..and the lyrics:

Outside the thunder crashes
And the storms are gaining fast
Though it’s raining in my heart
I know that you are

The sunshine above the weather
Always and forever
Your love will remain
My rock and mighty fortress
I’m walking in your promise
Your love will remain

When everything is broken
And the darkness closes in
You are never far from me
Deep inside I see

I fade out
I run away
But through it all you stay
The sunshine – it’s breaking through when I need you
Your love will remain

 Have a happy, blessed and rainy/sunny/cloudy/snowy/blustery/seasonal/unseasonal day!

Photo:  Alex

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The talented Cory Heimann at Likable Art let me know about an awesome project to help Haiti that lets you get help to Haiti AND support Catholic musicians – a double win!  The project is called (I think) United in Prayer and Cory has done another remarkable video (embedded below).  Cory’s video is a download–along with a dozen great songs from Catholic musicians–on Sampler Platter II from AfterMass Records.  Musicians include Rich Dittus who (as you know) I LOVE.  What a great way to try out some artists with whom you may not be familiar.  Iguarantee in a non-binding legal agreement that you’ll love Rich Dittus and the other musicians too.

So, donate money through your credit card or PayPal, get a full mp3 album of great music and videos, and help Catholic Relief Services on the ground in Haiti.  If you are unable to donate at this time, there is a link for becoming united in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. 

Please support this great cause by clicking here now.

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January 3

The Epiphany of the LORD

Sixteen hundred years ago, St. Augustine observed how curious it was that the scribes Herod consulted knew from the scriptures where the Messiah was to be born, and yet made no effort to accompany the magi.  They were so close, but chose to be blind. Augustine noted that this blindness opened the door for the rest of us, symbolized by these magi.  The infant Jesus could not speak with his tongue, and the pagans did not have the scriptures, so he spoke through a star.  They saw, came, worshiped, and then returned home.  But not by the same way they had come.  There is a literal explanation for this, tied to Herod’s malice.  But, as usual, Augustine finds also a deeper significance.  They did not use the same road, because they were no longer the same themselves.

An encounter with Christ changes people, the old ways no longer suffice.  The same dynamics of conversion should be continually at work in us.  As we come better to know Christ, we leave behind patterns of life that exclude his presence.

What do I need to leave behind, to welcome with joy the manifestation of God in Jesus?

Fr. James Flint, O.S.B. (from Scripture Reflections, We Celebrate Worship Resource, World Library Publications)  (some editing by LuceMichael)


The talented Canadian Christian band Downhere doing their song, How Many Kings.

Follow the star to a place unexpected / Would you believe after all we’ve projected / A child in a manger / Lowly and small, the weakest of all / Unlikeliest hero, wrapped in his mothers shawl / Just a child / Is this who we’ve waited for?


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