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Do you ever get tired of politicians, liberals, malcontents and and agitators playing the “Catholic” card?  For instance, doesn’t it make you cringe when the evening news leads off with “Catholic Nuns Support the President’s Health Care Bill!” — the same evening news that buried the USCCB statement opposing the same health care bill?

I think the time has come for the Vatican to trademark the word “Catholic”.  Why not?  Think of how gloriously empowering that would be!  And wouldn’t the coolest thing ever be if the Bishops or the Vatican or the CDF or Pope could issue a cease-and-desist letter to all vocally defiant Catholics in the public sphere telling them they are no longer allowed to represent themselves using the term, Catholic®?  Such a letter, in my happy daydream, goes something like this:

We are the law firm of Aquinas and More and we represent the intellectual property rights of the Holy Catholic® Church.  Your recent use of the trademark, Catholic® on the Sunday morning talk show, Meet the Liberal Press, to add bonafides to your support of [insert morally repugnant position here] infringes on our rights to this trademark and you are hereby ordered to cease and desist from all other uses of our trademark, Catholic®.  Further trademark infringement of our mark, Catholic® will result in legal action, which may result in treble damages.  On behalf of  the Holy Catholic® Church, we appreciate your attention to this matter.”

Here are some other recent examples of the highjacking of the Catholic name in order to further a policy that has been rejected by the Bishops, who – if you do  not know – are responsible for the doctrinal teaching of all faithful Catholics and whose teachings we are required to follow, not ignore, snub, circumvent, twist around, dismiss, or roll our eyes at.

What riles me most about all of this is that the defiant, disobedient kids get all the attention from the press.  Not the Bishops (unless to criticize them) or the faithful clergy and laity. I know why that is: it’s because it furthers the agenda that the liberal press wants, which is bigger government, socialization of health care, an expansion of abortion rights.  But the fact the the Magisterium teaching of the Church is shuffled off to the bottom of the articles, if mentioned at all, really gets my goat. 

I really cannot wait to take over from the Baby Boomers and whatever the heck the generation before them was called.  We want our Church back, “thank you very much for your time and effort, please pick up a Rosary, a carnation and a free missal on your way out the door.”


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The self-described “Catholic” Democratic Senators who voted against the Nelson Amendment were —

  1. Patrick Leahy of Vermont
  2. John Kerry of Massachusetts 
  3. Paul Kirk of Massachusetts  (Appointed to replace Sen. Edward Kennedy, he is the great-nephew of Archbishop of Boston William Henry Cardinal O’Connell.)
  4. Robert Menendez of New Jersey
  5. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana
  6. Tom Harkin of Iowa
  7. Richard Durbin of Illinois
  8. Maria Cantwell of Washington
  9. Patty Murray of Washington
  10. Jack Reed of Rhode Island
  11. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
  12. Claire McCaskill of Missouri
  13. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
  14. Mark Begich of Alaska.

The only “Catholic” Republican to vote to table the Nelson Amendment:

  1. Susan Collins of Maine

These politicians are creating a scandal that is greatly upsetting to those of us who are trying to live our lives as Christians.  I really resent these folks confusing other Catholics and our fellow Christians about what it means to be a “Catholic”.    If you live in one of these states, please make it a priority to educate your senator on the teachings of the Catholic Church and on your viewpoint as a citizen regarding public funding of abortion.  Please write letters to the editor clarifying what the Church teaches.  Call these politicians to account for their flagrant disregard for Church moral teachings.

You know, I really can’t wait for the “You can’t tell me what to do!!!” foot-stomping, fit-throwing, me-first mentality of the Baby Boomer / post-VII generation–which most of these senators represent– to die out.   I’ve been tired of the Baby Boomer psyche for 25 years.  I have much more faith in my own generation and indeed, even in Gen Y than I do in the BB generation.  This is not a condemnation of all folks born into that particular generation.  I am referring to the overall movement, not individuals.

Meh.  I need more coffee.

h/t : Catholic News Agency

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