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One of my favorite biblical scholars and an all-around good guy has been awarded (finally! *cough cough*) his doctorateMichael Barber of Reasons for Faith, The Sacred Page and JP the Great University is now Dr. Michael Barber

My heartiest (and real) congratulations and imaginary slaps on the back to Michael, his wife and his family! I raise a pretend glass of the finest French champagne (hey, it’s my daydream) to you!


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St. John the Baptist. Pointing us the way to Christ.

Steve Wood on his EWTN radio program Faith and Family Live was talking about the prophetic ministry of St. John the Baptist.  He made some thought-provoking points worth mentioning here.  He referenced Men’s Conferences and other Catholic conferences.  He asked how their success should be measured, by how good everyone felt when they left, or how troubled they were when they left.  He tied it back to John the Baptist, because John the Baptist wasn’t reassuring his listeners; he was shaking them up and usually telling them things that frankly, they did not want to hear.  He said we should be aiming at our conferences to be speaking truth, even truths that are hard to hear.

Steve also discussed the Baptist’s warning to the Jews that their inheritance as Jews was not enough, alone, to please God and their birthright was not an assured place in heaven. Then Steve applied John the Baptist teaching to us, saying (paraphrased from memory):

There are no “coattail Catholics.” Yes, you have a great inheritance as a Catholic.  Yes, you were blessed that your mom and dad were Catholic and you were baptized into the Catholic Church.  But I’m telling you right now that unless you repent, unless you begin living your life in a way that is pleasing to the promises of Christ Jesus, you will wind up in Hell and not only that: you’ll be in a worse spot in Hell than unbaptized pagansYes, you heard that rightIf you squander your inheritance, that’s where you are going.

That’s a little bit of awesome and a whole lot to digest for some of us.  Steve Wood did credit to John the Baptist today.

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In line with the previous post regarding the ad campaign in Sacramento and with what I heard yesterday on WDEO radio, I wanted to talk about other means of New Evangelization.  On WDEO, the man was saying that we should be telling a friend about Catholic radio, as studies have shown that that is the most important way in which successful talk radio shows have grown, i.e.  word-of-mouth.  I resolved to email my family and friends back home the links to Ave Maria Radio, EWTN and Radio Maria.  All three have live streaming of their broadcasts, at least to some extent and some of the better known shows have Podcasts available.  I get mine from Itunes, and listen when I’m hiking, or in the car when I’ve driven out of range of my local station.

Here are my favorite shows, in no particular order:

  • Deep in Scripure  and The Journey Home, both with Marcus Grodi.  The former is an in-depth study of a Scripture passage chosen by Marcus’ guest.  The Journey Home features guests talking about their conversion / reconversion.
  • Food for the Journey with the very wonderful Sr. Ann Shields delving into Scripture and applying it to our lives.
  • Catholic Answers, a themed call-in show with Patrick Coffin and scheduled guests.  Their recent show on the Holy Trinity was fantastic.
  • Christ is the Answer, an awesome Catechism and Adult Formation series heard locally here.  Fr. John Riccardo is truly a faith-filled man with a gift for bringing complicated theological issues down to a level in which we can understand and internalize them. 
  • The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan.  Any of us could be a saint.  How we can take our aspirations to reality.

I also try to catch Teresa Tomeo and Al Kresta for updates on what is going on in the world, in America, and here in Michigan.  Both cover politics, news and events from a Catholic and Christian perspective.

If you get a chance, check them out!

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