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Beautiful video with Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B. reflecting on the solemnity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with the Kyrie Eleison chanted in the background.

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I have never been able to get through this song without crying.  This awesome rendition by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill is no exception.  Watch especially the reaction of the members of this audience, who are mostly from the Country music world, a part of the entertainment world where Christians are still welcomed and appreciated.  Seeing these big names being moved by this hymn is touching.  So be prepared to thrill, weep and rejoice!

How Great Thou Art 

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I’ve been in conversations with my Protestant friends lately, particular one young evangelical I love.  I’ve been trying to get them to read the Bible.  Does that sound funny?  It strikes me as being not a little ironic, for the Catholic mom to be urging young Evangelicals to read the Bible.  They all own one…I’m just not sure how much actual reading goes on.  If you don’t count the apps that send a little out-of-context verses to their phone or the daily Scripture passage widget on their high-tech church websites (because we are evangelizing through the media, you know), I’m not sure they actually ever read the Bible. 

So, here we have Christians who genuinely love Jesus, profess a great faith, who ardently defend sola scriptura, and who do not read the Bible

So what is forming the faith of these youngsters?  What understanding do they have of their beliefs?  of Christianity and their own particular denomination / sect / bible church?  Well, where they are getting their religious beliefs from seem to be mostly two-fold:

  1. Church services which are a lengthy sermon (usually not much theology there) and worship music
  2. Contemporary Christian Music and … uh…more worship music

So the majority of the doctrinal teaching for many Protestant youth (and most Evangelical kids) is — as far as I can tell — worship music.   And today’s worship music either lacks doctrine or (in a surprising number of instances) contains bad doctrine.  There, I said it.  Modern Christian worship music is bad theology.  I used to think it was sort of repetitious and bland, saccharine and, um..repetitious.  Then I began to think more deeply about it and realized that actually, the music oftens conveys a bad theology.  It’s leading our Christian youth and young people down a bad path.  (I know I’ve promised the post about the dangers of the rising popular Christian music industry a gazillion times.  This is still not that post.  Sorry!)

The above tirade is my rambling way of introducing the real subject of this post, which is that our protesting Protestant brethren are still trying to bring Catholic practices into their Protestant lives.  It’s funny really. 

Here are three articles in this month’s Christianity Today:

Practically Theological
How churches are teaching doctrine—and finding eager participants.
Sarah Pulliam Bailey | posted 3/15/2010 09:33AM

The Lost Art Of Catechesis
It’s a tried and true way of teaching, among other things, Christian doctrine.
J. I. Packer and Gary A. Parrett | posted 3/12/2010 10:31AM

The Mind Under Grace
Why a heady dose of doctrine is crucial to spiritual formation.
Darren C. Marks | posted 3/12/2010 10:30AM

Although I’m being facetitious in my introductory comments, I want to make sure that I make it clear that I am actually very relieved to see that CT is tackling the problem of the lack of doctrinal teaching among Protestant Christians, particularly in the Evangelical movement.  I actually know one Christian young man who does not seem to understand that we believe in a Triune God.  Yes, yes, we need to love God, we need to burn for Him.  But we also need to know God.  Faith AND Reason.  If I hear one more time, “isn’t it really all about loving Jesus?” or “let’s not get hung up on non-salvation issues” or “it’s about Jesus NOT religion“, I’m going to throw my copy of the Catechism at their head.  All that love and fervor, yet no real understanding of the credos of their faith just leads to heresies and Joel Osteen. 

Yeah, I know — Go work on my big post I keep promising.  Meh.

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I have written about this song before, but now that the Sanctus Real album has dropped, I’m blown away by it all over again, and I am compelled to post it again.

Men?  Do you want to know what your wife needs?  Listen to this song. 

Women?  Do you know what is missing from your marriage?  How to ask for what you need?  Listen to this song.

You cannot have a solid marriage if God isn’t right in the middle of it with you.  Make prayer time together a new and fantastic habit.  Pray for each other throughout the day.  Bless your spouse.  Give thanksgiving daily for your marriage and family.  Ask God to lead you.  The most important people in your life may be secretly dying for lack of your leadership.  Ask for help.  God will strengthen you.

As I said the last time I posted Lead Me, if Sanctus Real does nothing else in their careers, they have done a great ministry just by writing and recording this song. 

Lead Me by Sanctus Real

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Word on Fire now has a blog.  If you haven’t seen it, hop over and take a look!

In a video posted there, Fr. Barron draws a comparison between the pre-papacy work of Karol Wojtyla and the story of Noah and the Ark.  In the brief time, he makes a sweeping analogy relevant for our efforts today in the New Evangelization.  Honestly, the intellectual gifts of Fr. Barron and his talent for making these insights understandable to lay people is incomparable.

His speech hit home with me because I sometimes feel like I am bursting to “let the life out.”  Ironic, too, because I have not been ‘hunkered down’ preserving the faith.   Rather, I have spent most of my adult life living in defiance of that faith.  Unhappily, I might add.  Okay….miserably – to be brutally honest.  But now that faith …it wants out.  It wants my evangelization. 

Perhaps – to extrapolate from what Fr. Barron was saying – perhaps this is part of what God intends. 

I’ll have to wait and see.  He’s not finished with me yet.


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You can find Him when you seek Him

Well, the streak of bright sunny days that I mentioned yesterday has come to an end — eight fantastic days of hope and happiness.  The first thing I noticed when I woke up today was that the sun wasn’t pouring into the room from the east facing window.  I had gotten used to it!  Clearly, the forecasters were right, rain overnight and overcast today.  But I was surprised to find the weather still wonderful; after all, it is above seasonally warm, and we had periods of sunshine.  Besides, if there were no rainy days, we wouldn’t have life, would we? 

Our blessings are near to us, and grace fills us, even when we are unaware, or can’t see it.  A very good lesson for me, because I am not always able to see where the good is, I just have to trust God that it is there.  I am learning to trust that God is always near, even those times when it seems He must be very far away.

Here is the song that started my day on a good foot (click the link).  It popped into my head as I stepped out the door and has stayed there all day.  It’s from those four Christian brothers whose band I love – Remedy Drive.

Sunshine Above the Weather.

..and the lyrics:

Outside the thunder crashes
And the storms are gaining fast
Though it’s raining in my heart
I know that you are

The sunshine above the weather
Always and forever
Your love will remain
My rock and mighty fortress
I’m walking in your promise
Your love will remain

When everything is broken
And the darkness closes in
You are never far from me
Deep inside I see

I fade out
I run away
But through it all you stay
The sunshine – it’s breaking through when I need you
Your love will remain

 Have a happy, blessed and rainy/sunny/cloudy/snowy/blustery/seasonal/unseasonal day!

Photo:  Alex

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Important reminder:

Please keep praying for Haiti. 

Since the situation on the ground does not allow us to jump on a plane to Haiti, roll up our sleeves and do our Christian work in a hands on fashion, to do charity work there means to find reputable charities and donate good hard cash.  United in Prayer that Cory Heimann at Likable Art is involved with is supporting Catholic Relief Services.   Watch his video here. And you can download a great cd of Catholic musicians for your donation at AfterMass, too!  Please support this great cause by clicking here now.  The album is fantastic!  I support Catholic musicians; you should too.

Another truly fantastic charity is Food for the Poor.  One of their priest missionaries came to our parish and in a moving and sometimes very funny ways, painted a grim picture of the need in Haiti even before the earthquake.  Food for the Poor is an ecumenical charity, though it appears that it is mostly Catholic and it has the astronomical efficiency rate of 97%–meaning that 97 cents of every donated dollar goes into food, shelter, education, etc. for the poor the charity serves.  Those Christian missionaries all have vows of poverty and unlike SOME charities, the head of the charity isn’t making 6 figures and flying from one big fundraising black tie event after another.  (No, I’m not looking at UNICEF, what gave you that impression?  there are …so many from which to choose, sadly.)

On a related note, the Detroit Free Press recently published that Michigan Catholics have donated over $1 mil dollars to Haiti.  Way to go, fellow Mitten Catholics!

Catholics in southeastern Michigan have raised more than $1 million so far for the victims of Haiti’s earthquake, officials said today.

The Archdiocese of Detroit has been collecting donations from local parishes in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair, Lapeer and Monroe counties. As of Monday, the total passed $1 million, said Archdiocese spokesman Joe Kohn.

“After the earthquake happened, Archbishop (Allen) Vigneron expressed his confidence that the people of the Archdiocese would offer their support by way of prayers and financial support,” Kohn said today. “His confidence was well placed. Given the economic situation we’re in, it’s encouraging to see people step up and show this kind of generosity.”

The archdiocese has been collecting donations on behalf of Catholic Relief Services.

Haiti, which has a Catholic-majority population, suffered enormous losses in the Jan. 12 earthquake, in which Port-au-Prince Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot died.

Haiti’s government said today 230,000 people died.

To donate to Haiti through the Archdiocese, visit:


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