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It is Lent, which means a time of reflection, and it means that Spring is almost here! Christ is coming!  and…Christ is already here.  Where?  at the  Mass. 

Here is a beautiful meditation on the Sacrifice of the Mass with Fr. Jeremy Driscoll, O.S.B.


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I have been thinking about the wonderful achievement by the Nebraska parish in their 50 years of continuous Eucharistic Adoration.   I was moved, therefore, to read a weblog wherein a Benedictine nun in my old stomping ground posted the reflections of her elementary Religion students regarding their time spent in Adoration, such as these two gems: 

Adoration is the highest form of praise due only to God. To me Adoration is a place to talk to God without distractions. It appeals to all five senses. I feel like every part of me is worshipping God. It gives me a sense of awe in God’s presence. I feel all of the days stress and worries slip away…finally finding a sense of peace. (Emily P. 8th)

Adoration is a time for me to relax and talk to God. It is a peaceful time to talk and think. I enjoy Adoration. It brings me closer to God. (Kristen S. 8th)


Marvelous!  really marvelous!  Thank you Sr. Nicolette Etienne!  And congratulations to you and your family on the elevation of your brother to the bishopric of Cheyenne. 

For more of these reflections visit the Sister’s website, So That In All Things…God May Be Glorified!  While there, take a look at her series of posts on 8th Grade reflections of the Rosary.

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