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The lovely flower pictured above is one of God’s rarer and more interesting creations.  It takes years of cultivating before it blooms, and then it only blooms for 2 days.  Ohio State University has one which they have been growing since 2001 and according to the supervisor in OSU’s Biological Services greenhouse, it will bloom for the first time ever next month.   There is another at the Darrow School in New York, also getting ready to bloom, so if you wish to see either of these odd plants, make plans now.  Oh, but if you go, bring a face shield with you because the plant, um…stinks.  It’s called the Corpse Flower, and for good reason Describing the flower at the Darrow School, The Berkshire Eagle reports,

The rare flower, so named for a smell likened to rotting flesh or meat which it emits in bloom, has blossomed in the school’s sustainable biospheric greenhouse.

A native of Sumatra, an island in western Indonesia, less than 50 of the largest variety of corpse flower, the titan arum, are known to have ever bloomed in the United States. The smaller konjac arum, like the one at Darrow, is typically found only in special botanical gardens, museums, and private exotic greenhouse collections

Here is the visualization of how it smells:

I waited 10 years to smell rotting flesh? Blech!


Mmmm, zombies love Corpse Flowers!

    Oddly, some people seem to like the smell. 

Make your plans now, because the 2 day blooming of this rare, 8 ft. tall oddity pulls in quite a crowd.  The horrified girls in the picture below are probably well on their way to developing a lifelong phobia of gardening.

These little girls will have a permanent phobia of gardening.

…and of course,  it’s best to come prepared.      Smell?  what smell?

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Aggie Catholics has posted a video that is awesome-epetus!  It’s has a trio of favorites of mine:  the fantastic musician Matt Maher at Franciscan University joined by Dr. Scott Hahn, making a guest appearance on guitar.  Of course, my readers already know that Dr. Hahn plays guitar.  Michael Barber told us.

Did I mention that it is awesome?

Click here to see the video.

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Ice Towers!

Via Lifehacker comes this instructional video — perfect for those of us who have run out of ways to make this neverending winter enjoyable. 

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One of my favorite biblical scholars and an all-around good guy has been awarded (finally! *cough cough*) his doctorateMichael Barber of Reasons for Faith, The Sacred Page and JP the Great University is now Dr. Michael Barber

My heartiest (and real) congratulations and imaginary slaps on the back to Michael, his wife and his family! I raise a pretend glass of the finest French champagne (hey, it’s my daydream) to you!

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From FAILBlog, a Star Wars funny: 

I think these misconceptions are limited to George Lucas…



The answer to the second question, which regrettably is cut off: 

The cause of friction is the gap between Star War fans expectations and the ultimate product which George Lucas produced with Episode 1.  

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Amen.  Amen.

VATICAN CITY (AP)—Pope Benedict XVI has sent his blessing and best wishes to Vancouver’s archbishop for a peaceful Olympics.

In the note sent to Archbishop J. Michael Miller, the pontiff said he hopes sport can be “a valued building block of peace and friendship between peoples and nations.”

The pope also made reference to the Paralympics in his message released Thursday.

The Vancouver Games open Feb. 12 and the Paralympics will be held in the Canadian city a month later.

Let me add my prayer that our Canadian neighbors and friends have a joyous, safe and successful Winter Olympics!  ..except in hockey, where I’ll be rooting for our men and women.  :-)

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I don’t know, this might be the most random of the random Macgyver posts.  Hmmm.  Personable cat (named Steve McQueen!) with Macgyver-like qualities?  sounds to  me like…WIN.


h/t Audey

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