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I have never been able to get through this song without crying.  This awesome rendition by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill is no exception.  Watch especially the reaction of the members of this audience, who are mostly from the Country music world, a part of the entertainment world where Christians are still welcomed and appreciated.  Seeing these big names being moved by this hymn is touching.  So be prepared to thrill, weep and rejoice!

How Great Thou Art 


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The lovely flower pictured above is one of God’s rarer and more interesting creations.  It takes years of cultivating before it blooms, and then it only blooms for 2 days.  Ohio State University has one which they have been growing since 2001 and according to the supervisor in OSU’s Biological Services greenhouse, it will bloom for the first time ever next month.   There is another at the Darrow School in New York, also getting ready to bloom, so if you wish to see either of these odd plants, make plans now.  Oh, but if you go, bring a face shield with you because the plant, um…stinks.  It’s called the Corpse Flower, and for good reason Describing the flower at the Darrow School, The Berkshire Eagle reports,

The rare flower, so named for a smell likened to rotting flesh or meat which it emits in bloom, has blossomed in the school’s sustainable biospheric greenhouse.

A native of Sumatra, an island in western Indonesia, less than 50 of the largest variety of corpse flower, the titan arum, are known to have ever bloomed in the United States. The smaller konjac arum, like the one at Darrow, is typically found only in special botanical gardens, museums, and private exotic greenhouse collections

Here is the visualization of how it smells:

I waited 10 years to smell rotting flesh? Blech!


Mmmm, zombies love Corpse Flowers!

    Oddly, some people seem to like the smell. 

Make your plans now, because the 2 day blooming of this rare, 8 ft. tall oddity pulls in quite a crowd.  The horrified girls in the picture below are probably well on their way to developing a lifelong phobia of gardening.

These little girls will have a permanent phobia of gardening.

…and of course,  it’s best to come prepared.      Smell?  what smell?

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