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From FAILBlog, a Star Wars funny: 

I think these misconceptions are limited to George Lucas…



The answer to the second question, which regrettably is cut off: 

The cause of friction is the gap between Star War fans expectations and the ultimate product which George Lucas produced with Episode 1.  

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Okay.  From my son, a very funny funny.   For me, at least.  xD

He is playing Civilization on the other computer next to me as I am blogging today.  (I’ve mentioned his playing this game before.)  He said,

Did you know that the English longbowman were so feared that if they were captured by the French, the French would cut off their index and middle fingers?

Mom’s response:

Really?  why?

Matter-of-fact reply:

So the longbowmen couldn’t use their hands anymore to pull the string on their longbows.  (pantomines a demonstration)

Mom’s horrified response:

That’s terrible!  how awful!

Son’s knowing reply with wise head nod:

Well, don’t forget.  It IS the French.

I’m not sure how he got to be such a young Francophobe, but I’m cracking up!

In case you haven’t seen an English longbow…

You can see how losing the index and middle fingers would limit one’s effectiveness.

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Amen.  Amen.

VATICAN CITY (AP)—Pope Benedict XVI has sent his blessing and best wishes to Vancouver’s archbishop for a peaceful Olympics.

In the note sent to Archbishop J. Michael Miller, the pontiff said he hopes sport can be “a valued building block of peace and friendship between peoples and nations.”

The pope also made reference to the Paralympics in his message released Thursday.

The Vancouver Games open Feb. 12 and the Paralympics will be held in the Canadian city a month later.

Let me add my prayer that our Canadian neighbors and friends have a joyous, safe and successful Winter Olympics!  ..except in hockey, where I’ll be rooting for our men and women.  :-)

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I don’t know, this might be the most random of the random Macgyver posts.  Hmmm.  Personable cat (named Steve McQueen!) with Macgyver-like qualities?  sounds to  me like…WIN.


h/t Audey

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Of all the annual, year end lists, this might be my favorite.  Lake Superior State University (Go Lakers!) have released their list of words and phrases that should go away.

Tweets, sexting “unfriended” in U.S. banned word list

By Carey Gillam Carey Gillam 52 mins ago

KANSAS CITY (Reuters) – If you recently tweeted about how you were chillaxin for the holiday, take note: Fifteen particularly over- or mis-used words and phrases have been declared “shovel-ready” to be “unfriended” by a U.S. university’s annual list of terms that deserve to be banned.

After thousands of nominations of words and phrases commonly used in marketing, media, technology and elsewhere, wordsmiths at Lake Superior State University on Thursday issued their 35th annual list of words that they believe should be banned.

Tops on the Michigan university’s list of useless phrases was “shovel-ready.” The term refers to infrastructure projects that are ready to break ground and was popularly used to describe road, bridge and other construction projects fueled by stimulus funds from the Obama administration.

And speaking of stimulus, that word — which was applied to government spending aimed at boosting the economy — made the over-used category as well, along with an odd assortment of Obama-related constructions such as Obamacare and Obamanomics.

“We say Obamanough already,” the LSSU committee said.

Also ripe for exile is “sexting,” shorthand for sexy text messaging, a habit that has caused trouble this year for public figures from politicians to star athletes.

Similarly, list makers showed distaste for tweeting, retweeting and tweetaholics, lingo made popular by users of the popular Twitter networking website. And don’t even get them started on the use of friend as a verb, as in: “He made me mad so I unfriended him on Facebook,” an Internet social site.

Male acquaintances need to find another word than “bromance” for their friendships, and the combination of “chillin” and “relaxin'” into “chillaxin” was an easy pick for banishment.


Also making the list was “teachable moment.”

“This phrase is used to describe everything from potty-training to politics. It’s time to vote it out!” said one list contributor.

“Toxic assets,” referring to financial instruments that have plunged in value, sickened list makers so much the phrase was added to the list, along with the tiresome and poorly defined “too big to fail” which has often been invoked to describe wobbly U.S. banks.

Similarly, “in these economic times” was deemed overdue for banishment due.

Also making the list — “transparent/transparency,” typically used, contributors said, when the situation is anything but transparent.

One list contributor wanted to know if there was an “app,” short-hand for “application” popularized by the mobile iPhone’s growing array of software tools, for making that annoying word go away.

And rounding out the list — “czar” as in car czar, drug czar, housing czar or banished word czar.

“Purging our language of ‘toxic assets’ is a ‘stimulus’ effort that’s ‘too big to fail,'” said a university spokesman.

(Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

via Yahoo!

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Today’s Random Macgyver Post is via kalleanka71  on YouTube, combining two of my most favorite-est shows:


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The perfect t-shirt for ninjas who pledge their loyalty to the pope. If you're Catholic, a ninja, or a ninja in training, why don't you have this shirt right now!?

My oldest son has this teeshirt from Phatmass.   Maybe he wears it when he is doing something like this.

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