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The perfect t-shirt for ninjas who pledge their loyalty to the pope. If you're Catholic, a ninja, or a ninja in training, why don't you have this shirt right now!?

My oldest son has this teeshirt from Phatmass.   Maybe he wears it when he is doing something like this.


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There is a Catholic musician that I absolutely love.  His name is Dante Schmitz.  Visit his site and check out his music and his videos.  He’s super talented and as a bonus, he’s hilarious!  He also tours with Catholic HEART Workcamps and Cory Heimann is his media go-to-guy.  I’m going to post one of his videos so you can see how charmingly tongue-in-cheeky he is!

Hey!  add Dante + Cory + Lonely Ninja + Catholic HEART Workcamp and you get….this.  Enjoy!

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