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Today is the Feast day of St. Michael, Archangel.  He is the patron saint of Cooperating with Grace‘s LuceMichael.  We know St. Michael as the prince of the seraphim who defeated Satan and cast him out of heaven.  He is the constant guard of our Mother Church.  If invoked, he protects souls from the snares of Satan.  His very name asks, “Who is like God?” so invoking it is a way of pointing to the majesty of the Lord. 

Victory of St. Michael by Raphael

How about a song for St. Michael?

Don’t forget to pray the St. Michael Prayer located to the right in the margin. =>

Finally, on a personal note, I just want to say that my greatest desire in life, my most fervent hope, is to be granted this view on my death.  That is…

Archangel Michael reaching to save souls near death, by Jacopo Vignali, 17th century.

…St. Michael coming to lead me home to the arms of the Lord.

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